Saturday, August 15, 2009

Birkberk University of London

If a student have desire to study in a world class university with best researching and pedagogy . Situated in the heart of London the higher education in this Birkbeck University is appreciated over the top . They promote the international applicants from all over the world without any traditional qualities . Its reported that Birkbeck university is one of the high rated universities and in the areas like History of Art, Film and Visual Media , Earth Sciences, Psychology it is ranked 5th in the country . The caliber of teaching is proven by UK's National student surveys .Most of the students here in this university are part timers and they are employed as evening lectures.
But even a large amount of students get admitted every year for full time courses . The courses like Archaeology,Business studies,Computer science,Information systems and technology, Management Etc widely evaluated high by the surveys .

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